Ultimate Tower Defense Wiki

Towers are what you place to stop the enemies from getting to the other end, they are a critical part of the game.

Towers are put into rarities to help decide how good a tower should be and how easy it should be to unlock it.

Name Rarity
Albert YouTuber
Alfred Uncommon
All Might Legendary
Ant-Man Common
Aquaman Legendary
Armored Titan Godly
Aunt May Common
Bane Legendary
Batgirl Common
Batman Common
Batman Beyond Legendary
Beast Boy Rare
Betero YouTuber
Black Panther Common
Black Spidey Rare
Black Widow Common
Blue Hulk Rare
Blueio YouTuber
BREN0RJ7 YouTuber
Captain America Common
Captain Marvel Rare
Carnage Mythical
Catwoman Common
Christmas Spidey Event
Classic Batman Common
Clip2Bit YouTuber
Cyborg Common
Cyborg Rare
Cyclops Epic
Dare Devil Uncommon
Deadpool Mythical
Deadshot Epic
Deathstroke Legendary
Deku Rare
DenisDaily YouTuber
Doc Oc Uncommon
Dr. Strange Rare
Evanbear1 YouTuber
Flash Common
Frango YouTuber
General Zod Legendary
Ghost Rider Mythical
Goku Common
Gon Epic
Gravycatman YouTuber
Green Arrow Common
Green Lantern Uncommon
Hawkeye Common
Himiko Toga Legendary
Hulk Epic
Human Torch Rare
Inemajohn YouTuber
Invisible Woman Rare
Iron Fist Uncommon
Iron Man Common
Iron Spider Rare
Johnny Joestar Epic
Joker Legendary
Killua Epic
Kingpin Epic
Kirito Legendary
Levi Legendary
Luffy Common
Luke Cage Common
Magneto Legendary
Martian Manhunter Legendary
Miles Morales Epic
Mister Fantastic Rare
Muzan Godly
Mysterio Mythical
Naruto Uncommon
Nightwing Common
Planet_Milo YouTuber
Prison Superman Legendary
Punisher Epic
Raven Rare
Red Hulk Legendary
Reverse Flash Rare
Robin Common
Russo YouTuber
Ryuko Mythical
Sabretooth Common
Sailor Moon Uncommon
Saitama Legendary
Scarlet Spider Rare
Shazam Mythical
She Hulk Rare
SnowRBX YouTuber
Spawn Mythical
Speed Wagon Epic
Spiderman 2099 Legendary
Spidey Common
Star Fire Rare
Supergirl Rare
Superman Mythical
Taskmaster Uncommon
Teen Robin Rare
Thanos Godly
The Thing Rare
ThinkNoodles YouTuber
Thor Uncommon
Tofuu YouTuber
Uraraka Rare
Venom Legendary
Veyar YouTuber
Vision Rare
War Machine Common
Wolverine Uncommon
Wonder Woman Common
Zatanna Uncommon
Zero Two Mythical
Zoro Mythical