Ultimate Tower Defense Wiki

Codes help people in the game advance quicker. You can find codes either on Twitter @BronzePiece_ or on the Superhero Tower Defense Discord.

To enter a code you have to press the twitter icon in the lobby.

Once you do that a menu should pop up and you have to enter the code in the text box.

Code Reward Valid
30kLikes 2000 Gold Yes
35kLikes 2000 Gold Yes
50KLikes 2500 Gold Yes
50MVisits 1500 Gold Yes
100mVisits 2000 Gold Yes
Anime 1000 Gold Yes
Maja 75 Gold Yes
MerryChristmas Seasonal Tower Yes
500Likes 150 Gold No
1000Likes 600 Gold No
5000Likes Gold No
10kLikes 500 Gold No
15kLikes 500 Gold No
20kLikes 200 Gold No
25kLikes 2500 Gold No
5MVisits 500 Gold No
20MVisits 50 Gold No
MoneyPlease 50 Gold No
Release 50 Gold No
Super 100 Gold No
Superman 50 Gold No
Update3 No
Update4 150 Gold No
YouTuber Towers
Code Reward
Betero Betero
Blueio Blueio
Clip2Bit Clip2Bit
Denis DenisDaily
EB1 Evanbear1
Frang Frango
Gravy Gravycatman
Inemajohn Inemajohn
MrFlimmyFlammy Albert
Russo Russo
Sub2PlanetMilo Planet_Milo
ThinkNoodles ThinkNoodles
Tofuu Tofuu
Veyar Veyar